Saturday, July 29, 2006

The rhythm

I've been in a little slump.

Being tired most of the time and a bit grumpy. I feel the rhythm, its bob sled time.

Back into the swing of things, enjoying my time, my girlfriend, my job and going out and meeting people.

I'm not enjoying chores like cleaning... but what is new.

Unfortunatly one of the crew i'm working with threw in the towel. He just could stand working with some of the other people he has been working with for a long time any more.

It seems sad. I dont know weather he left for reasons that seemed trival to do with managing relationships of longtime work colleagues or lack of support in his work, or if it was a series of fairly significant personal and health problems that cropped up.

In general the atmosphere in the office is lighter and easier that he has moved on, although it will not be as funny or entertaining.

I am already starting to get excited about my trip to melbourne in T - 13 days.

Hope to see a lot of you all soon.

zig out

(one of my work colleagues also recently got himself a laptop. Its bigger better and faster than mine. Although its of an inferior brand whos support i have had many issues with in the past. It is also cheaper than mine. Needless to say, he's a bastard)

Saturday, July 15, 2006


I love reading. I specifically love reading fantasy novels. I have just found out through Websnark that there is actually a publisher that has a large range of their books available for free reading online at:

Baen Free Library

Now this publishing company produces many titles that I love by many authors that I much admire. There are many more authors and books they publish I havnt encountered yet.

I am in Love.

My only complaint is that I found this out through the obituary of Jim Baen at Websnark. Sad that a man who achieved much in directions that i agree with died before I found some of the fruits of his work. However I feel a bit better that I have read and occasionally even bought many a Baen title....

F R E E B O O K S ! ! ! ! !

The week

Things are rolling along at a nice pace. This last week has left me slightly tired due to spending my time in ways that I wouldnt change :p

Now last weekend ended oddly. I found myself walking around with my girl, a friend of mine and her friend. Who turned out to be a stripper with a speed habit. Who had movie style bad luck in drug and sex related incidents the night before and was still recovering.

This weekend has started off in a similarly interesting vein. A friend of mine, who recently broke up with his (ex) girlfriend has been taking it extremely badly. Movie badly.

(I realize movie badly might be an unusual term, so an explaination follows. Imagine you are watching a movie, to explain to the audience that something is going badly, considering the time frame and the sensational style of media a movie is, would they try to impart this knowledge on you subtly? No. Gernally blatant and over the top stories and events will conspire to find themselves on the screen with the most dramatic and graphic images possible within the appropriate rating level. Gotta love movies :) )

He has also had his lease run out on him, so he will be leaving Brisbane. This has all the earmarks of a celebration/commisseration. Now I was late to meet up with him, and his phone was no longer being answered.. intentionally or due to battery, its all uncertain. However I managed to track him down and where the event was occuring. Some guy smoking a cigarette in a doorway in the city filled me in on the exact location of the event.

When describing the reason for the event he said, yeah. That would be the right place.

It turns out that he decided to have his farewell at a strip club. DAMN they had some hot strippers there. And considering it was his farewell, I was convinced in chipping in for a spa show for him and the rest of the party, which was pretty cool.

This all seems to be in heavy contrast to the rest of my week, which mostly includes "working" and seeing my girlfriend. Where working seems to currently involve spending half a day on bus, throwing stress balls around and designing flowcharts in publisher, oh and a couple pretty laid back meetings.

Oh, the weather here is fantastic :p

Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Valkyrie Rides Again!

Early this week past, did the Sister of Sigmund, Valkyrie from the South break through the raging winter of the Southern Climes and break through the channels of the sky and land, forth with in the Realm of Sun.

As such did I greet her arrival at the Witching hour. As I welcomed her from the sky chariot did brother and sister reunite. Jokes and remenices sallied forth.

The greats works that Sigmund undertakes were introduced to his sibling. The great steel wheeled chariots that travel upon the tracks were shown, as well as the many and diverse peoples with whom his works are assited by.

The multitudes were smitten and did question the swapping of Sigmund for his sibling from afar.

And so did the Valkyrie did wander off on her own account and view much of the city of Brisbane. Then did the cobalt blue chariot, known as Zigma, showing the scars and wounds of its recent battles with concrete, with Sigmund at the helm, did ride out and behold the depths and wonderment of the city from an overlooking peak. There Sigmund and his Sister were well met by the offspring of the brother of Sigmund's grandfather.

We travelled to a the building of a cook of no mean skill, where food from the country of greece was made. There was much merriment. In the day that followed His Sibling did travel through the lands on her own and did see many sights. She was later joined by some companions of Sigmund. Later did we all meet and congregate and wage was on the peace of the town in revelry.

Drinks flowed like rivers and dancers writhed like fish and those from the land of Sun did battle those South of their borders and didst win in some battle, not known to those originally from the deep South from where Sigmund and his sister hail from.

The following day we set out to find food. When we arrived at the next door house of fish that has been fried did we find that no breakfast shall be served after 9. With the scathing glances of Sigmund and his sister, The Valkyrie, did they leave, only to later be bemused and woed by the amazing delicacies of the Red Deli, of whos provisions we did partake it.

This provided us with the vigor to ride the chariot to the North to take in the sights of the land and visit relatives long removed and remote.

Sad was it when later that day Sigmund and his Sister had to resign to parting ways, for Sigmund's life is now led here, in the land of Sun, Sand and Surf and his sister must venture back towards South, to Sydney, the merchenter city, and then Melbourne, The home of the morning chill.

The reunion of a brother and a sister is always a source of much joy, and rememberance of good times past, however, their departure is sad.

And so didst the mightly Sigmund shed a tear as his sister did depart, and never was the tear mentioned again.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Another friday night

I am uncertain.

Things are awesome. I mean I have this awesome job, that I still think is awesome. I have a free car. I have an really cute girlfriend who is ridiculously sweet. I am living in a fantastic climate in a city that has most everything I want. Friends and family are coming to visit me...

and yet...

I, right at this minute, am guzzling claret. I am not happy.

So many things are going well.

Some things aren't. I miss my friends and family. I crashed my car. These things dont seem to be bothering me so much. I have new friends up here. They are different but not the same. They dont quite fill the same void.

This still dosnt bother me that much.

Little nigling things to do with things that I will not write for I do not wish to own up to them at some point in the future are bothering me.

Some of you know what they are, cause i have complained to you about it.

It is something I could not complain about, unless something particularly good had occured. In this really awesome thing occuring, it has given me new information and perspective to be dissapointed and dissatisfied with something.

It is much like a well orchestrated anticlimax.

mmm claret...

In true blogger style: I am listening to "the commitments"


Semi-recently someone introduced me to the term Wangst. When agnst and wankers combine.. so beautiful.

I was starring into the dark depths of twin pools whos ken i could not fathom. Their darkness overwhelmed and drowned all light and hope from their gloomy visage. The terrible and overbearing weight dragged me towards the abyss. Their entirety was my end.

As my gaze moved down from the savagery of despair the sight did impart did my eyes move away from the reflection and see the bright sun outside the bathroom window....

Brisbane rocks :p

Monday, July 03, 2006

Living it up

Well, things have certainly turned around since this time last week.

I have a very cute girlfriend, whos from japan. <= most awesome

I spent the weekend at the goldcoast visiting friends who were holidaying up on the goldcoast. I lived it up in the sun in the resort's pool and spa, splashing girls and children indescrimantly with superior kung fu water fighting skills.

"The fast and the furius: tokyo drift" was seen by us all

It was very silly.

Basic premise if you crash enough cars through bad street racing your mum and the police will be mad at you and have no other option but to send you to japan, where gangstas will give you awesome cars to trash and hot babes will undulate wildly all over you and the reckages in your wake...

I'm sorry, that actually made the story of the movie sound better than it was...

To summarize, pretty cars going sideways, hot japanese babes (I have one of my own), really really stupid story.

We followed this movie up by watch "Initial D"

Now this is a japanese movie, based on an anime by the same name (which totally rocks) This is a good movie about drfiting.

There is this kid, and he's a spaz. There is a pretty japanese girl who likes him. There is a crappy car that he is allowed to drive which he accidentally kicks the arse of every man and there super hot wheels on some freaky mountain in japan.

Basically, there is lots of drifting, you care about the drift in this movie. There is no stupid shit with gangstas and guns and money, just really cool car racing.

When the final race occurs you Care. You want that stupid kid to win. Unlike Tokyo Drift, where you just want to take the writers and crucify them to the bonnet of a honda and cruch them and it.

In other news, I crashed th Zigma.


no one was hurt. only my pride and some panels

As i arrived at the gold coast, coasting through the underground garage in neutral, possibly slightly quickly, I turned into the parking space as I put my foot on the pedal, the car didnt slow. I slammed my foot down to no effect. As my foot plastered the pedal to the floor the car smoothly drove straight into a concrete wall and bounced off it.

(This further cements my nick name as unstoppable!)

The car is still ok, it drives. It is a trooper. Poor baby, I'm probably going to have to fix that.

Oh and my sister arrives soon. Much shenanigans are in order!