Monday, May 18, 2009


Work. Recently work is becoming more full on than usual. More important time critical things seem to be coming across my table more and more frequently and a few seem precariously close to going wrong.

What I say, how I say it and who I say it to seem to be becoming much more important.

And then there is the actual work that needs doing.

Where is the sunshine, the booze and the bikinis. I think something was misrepresented somewhere.


At 2:59 PM, Blogger mara - church wrecker said...

yeah you don't have to be working.. life just gets suckier as you get older.. you think it's all bad now.. wait til you're in your thirties.. but when we're actually old.. i hear it gets funner again.. i mean you know.. despite the whole physical demise thang..

why do we all get out of bed in the morning again?

At 8:03 AM, Blogger Sigmund said...

It seems easier to get by with working then alternative methods, like making and running your own mint.

Plus I generally get interesting problems to solve.


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