Thursday, March 20, 2008


As a change from the usual I tagged along with a group bound for a place called 'spookers' somewhere outside Auckland. This place is a mansion in the country-side that only opens up after dark.

To give you an idea of what to expect a 3 meter tall skeleton grimacing and glaring eriely out at the night sky from the second story balcony with a dark cackling emenated from it greeted us as we approached.

This place is essentially set up as a haunted house experience. There are mutliple sets... the main one being the house. Each room is set up to remind you of a different kind of horror movie or nightmare experience. Mutilated babies, strange medical experiments, homicidal soliders. Everyone running around looking disfigured and dead often with some kind of dangerous implement and acting creepy and "spooky". The costumes were amazing. The set designs were very cool. The popping out, hiding, random loud sounds that ring out in the night, not to mention the people that you cant see screaming in terror really make the experience thorough.

A maze inside another part of the hosue was painted with almost comic book designs of villans and ghosts and demons in 3D fluro paint, when combined with 3D glasses really popped out at you!

Possibly the most scary setting is a cornfield out in the dark, where mutilated people with chain saws await you.

A definate must for people who like to be scared, or for people who like wierd creepy stuff.

teh awesome.

P.S: Freddy Kruger made an appearance

P.P.S: undead scrubbers asking you to impregnate them is possibly the scariest thing imaginable, ever

P.P.P.S: very cool


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