Saturday, June 27, 2009

Interesting stuff

My last post was entitled nothing interesting is happening...

Interesting things are now happening... mostly possible new bits of work, new flatmates, residency for Kana seems about to come through, I played guitar and sang which was recorded and may appear in an upcoming commercial and most interesting of all, my house was burgled. For the third time in a year.

Things are reasonably interesting, however for some reason I am not particularly satisfied. I wonder why. Is it too much to ask that things be interesting and good?

In relation to the possible appearance in a tv add... my playing was severely upstaged by people who can actually play well, and know the song well.... :(

Current feeling : Bitter


At 1:23 AM, Blogger mara - church wrecker said...

uh dude.. i have heard you trying to sing.. for your sake i hope that you were actually trying to parody singing badness... or that they're making a commercial about singing school where you're the "before" shot.

either is entirely possible. but reality only has to be one of those options.

if it were both, the universe would cancel out and we would cease to exist..

my bed caught fire! i'm apocalypse girl tonight!


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