Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sigmund Stardust rides again!

I have recently acquired a new guitar!

An ESP LTD EC-50 (read awesome electric guitar). The rocking out has begun! Photos will follow, as soon as I get my camera back.

Badly rendered rock songs will also follow.

Wonderwall by Oasis, Back in Black by ACDC, Throw your arms around me by Hunters and Collecters, Barracuda by Heart.... the list goes on.

Also, I created a drink a while back. I think its awesome, you should try it.

The filthy martini.

Make a martini, insert more olives than martini.

There you have it, a filthy martini!

Eat olives, replenish olives, eat more olives.

When martini tastes like olive, consume the martini.

Start again.

Possibly only for people who are stark raving mad for olives....


i also noted the other day that i exist in comic form, i'm going to assume next to me, is a filthy martini

comic me