Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Corporate Adventuring

I have returned to my old haunts, I have laid down my roots once again, wide and shallow. I have found that the new roots no longer match the imprints of the old.

Tearing new ground asunder I am plunging forth into the corporate world. I am taking a two pronged approach.

My initial forays in both directions have come with some success.

I am trail blazing directly into the maelstrom of middle and large corporate worlds, struggling to find companies that are struggling with big unwieldy operations and need someone to measure them up and tame them.

I have found examples of organizations where I can triumph over adversity and succeed through elegant design, they have yet to request the services of a hero to vanquish their ills, but when they call, I will be ready!

The second prong, I'm also creeping up behind it, learning and researching the esoteric arts that the finance and corporate world calls financial analysis. There are many hurdles and trials to overcome and push through. I have encountered the first major hurdle! A series of riddles so intricate and complex they would turn the mind of lesser men inside out! There were many other brave souls beside me, attempting to take the same route, many had fallen to the wayside or been driven mad and despondent by the conundrum ahead.

Never the less I pressed on. Thinking, reasoning and imagining. So tricky and arduous was the riddle that six hours did it take me to find the answer.

Next I wait to find the next hurdle on the back ways.

At the same time I am commissioning trumpeters to perk the ears and criers to call my name from the rooftops so the the monsters and evils of corporate inefficiency and wasted cost hear my name and cower, afraid that I may find them.