Sunday, May 20, 2007

Welcome & Going away party

I threw a costume party, themed ‘traditional Asian.’ The purpose of the theme was more to have an excuse to wear fancy Chinese clothes Kana and I bought to attend a friend’s wedding at the end of last year, however it turned out really nicely. Almost everyone came in costume. We had a very nice turn out, lots of talking and drinking and sharing company.

The purpose of the party was a bit more serious. A friend of ours arrived in Brisbane this morning and what better way to catch up with all the friends she hasn’t seen in 9 months than throw a party. Kana and I are due to leave Brisbane on Thursday, as such we wanted to say good bye to everyone, what better way than to throw a party. :p

We even decorated the house, stark black Chinese characters on large white butchers paper, proclaiming to those who can read bad Japanese calligraphy (mine :p) ‘welcome’, ‘see you soon and good luck’ (it’s a lot shorter and only one word in Japanese) and our names. Strung up gold and red shiny ribbon (very Chinese) made some dim sims, spring rolls and anything else that came in the frozen ‘asian banquet’ pack at coles. A massive amount of pizzas were ordered.

There were some awesome looking costumes. I suppose the standout was one of our friends who came as a female or transsexual Thailand hooker. He was very convincing. Everyone looked awesome, soooo many pictures were taken, I will put some on here at a later date.

The sad part of the occasion was that some of the people we were saying goodbye to, we might not get to see again, or at least if we do see them again, it might be years down the track.

See you all soon,

To those we are leaving behind, we will miss you

To those we are about to see, we can’t wait!

To those we haven’t met yet, we can’t imagine :p

Sunday, May 13, 2007

The return of the Blog!

I have been tardy in my blogging duties, sorry.

Much has happened since I last committed text to the digital format.

Kana and I have visiting Mt. Tamborine, a strange and ideallyic village on top of a mountain with lovely view, lovely walks and a waterfall somewhere and strangest and most unexpected of all, a strong polish heritage. Here I was reminded of the food of my fathers family. All of a sudden beset by menus containing buckweat and dill and perogi and cabbage rolls.... spectacular.

We also managed to get along to O'Reilleys Rainforest, another mountain top, this time a rainforest at the top. A more rustic place less developed and yet, plenty of walks travelled enough on for the spider webs to be clear :p. Beautiful valleys and gulleys and waterfalls and trees... you get the idea. To get there you do have to travel up a road, that has many stretches of only 1 lane for both directions, countless completely blind corners... As a fan of Initial D it is a drivers wet dream... if i knew it backwards and had assurances of no oncoming traffic. This was not the case and even taking it slow and easy, just a little bit scary. Also alpackas lovely soft beautiful creatures... not at all like the massive agro things that live net to k'ni'ght.

My dad came to visit and brought with him his newest toy, a massive black digital SLR camera, of which he viewed all of brisbane and the sunshine coast with... and took many nice pictures.

It has been pretty full on with all of these little trips, getting some finaces sorted, getting tickets and organising what to do for the oncoming trip. I'm having trouble believing it, in 11 days I'll be back in melbourne.

Currently as things stand

Thursday: Arrive to late to do anything
Friday: Booked by family, and depending on how things go, Dougy may have something planned that i can attend late friday night
Saturday: To be played by ear, suggestions and ideas welcome
Sunday: See saturday
Monday: Free except in the evening where Miski has booked ridiculously in advance
Tuesday: Mark has been Penciled in for the evening
Wednesday: To be advised - contact my PA
Thursday: To be advised - contact my PA
Friday: To be advised - contact my PA
Saturday: Leaving for JAPAN!

So, somewhere in all that I gotta get presents for japanese people i havnt met and make sure i see everyone else and eat at as many places that i like as possible. Oh, and you know... catch up with the folks!

There are many of you i've missed heaps, I'm looking forward to seeing all of you soon!

Oh and we saw spiderman 3, awesome. (not as awesome as 300, although Kana has a vastly different opinion :p )