Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Today I do not have much of significance to report.

Not that much has happened since the weekend... I have almost finished my first bit of what I would like to call real computer modelling...

but nothing terribly interesting (to anyone else) has occured.

I'm tired because I have been staying up watching a new series I bought on DVD "Dead like me" its funny and morbid. I like it.

There are also a number of things (one) that is bothering me a little (Lots) and I dont really have anyone around that I would like to discuss it with.

That in particular sucks.

It seems like things are slowing down a little for me, I am no longer avid adventurer of new city, I have nestled into a rut.

Maybe when I rest more and am less tired and complainy adventure will re-occur.

For some reason people seem to keep suggesting that my moral fibre when it comes to women may be white bread? I find this most offensive. I demand to be reffered to, if white bread it must be, as a Vienna loaf.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Late breaking news

Melbournians are flocking to behold the wonder with their own eyes.

Sigmund Stardust, now relocated to far north brisbane, able to be seen by appoinment only !!!!

In a more normal form of English, some of my friends are coming up to visit me (they claim they are just going on a family holiday to the gold coast, I know better!)

When you might ask ?

"TOMORROW" I would say

For 2 weeks as it happens.

Next week, my sister comes to visit me. With my new found abilities and skills in the are of scheduling, I have booked my sister out for the few days she has planned to visit me.


Wendy seems to have unofficially capitulated. She has been unable to weather the public eye and the scathing tongue tongue administered by mara and has removed her blog from a public forum. Deleting it, in its entirety I belive.

I offer my condolences.

The blogging world appears to be harsh and swift

The link will soon be removed... but not yet.

The link remains like a tattered piece of skin, hanging from a wounded arm, causing pain with each flutter to its bearer. This may remain amusing to me for some time to come.


I have just returned from Noosa

There is nothing in Noosa. Nothing at all I say. Completely nothing, except beautiful scenary, weather and beaches, overpriced food, quaint little shopping strips and an awesome farmers market which had some of the best

-curry spices
-feta cheese
-fresh fruit
-fresh lemonade
-under 12s AFL

I have ever seen

The people there were nice too

At this point I would just like to add I love spas and juccuzies even more now than previously.

I also got to try out my new digital camera which was a present from my folks in melbourne... I have been modernised.

Pictures to follow... maybe :p

Oh my new glasses are black rimmed transitions. When wearing the right clothing and in the right conditions I go from emo to rock in 10 seconds

The following week

Working working working.... recovering from being in melbourne.

This week my work consisted of trying to work on a badly written and desgined bit of train modelling software that was written in cobol, in the way that people in universities tell you not to write in, 20 years ago.

This is my work at the moment, that I should not focus on because "soon we will get 2 new programs that do the same thing where we dont have to deal with this old piece of crap anymore"

when will we get it? after this current project. Help out, but dont learn too much, cause your going to have to throw that learning out in a month.


However this was nicely interspersed by my completing a tour of the entire brisbane rail network. It took 2 days.

I now know more about the various intricisies of the network, and of the internal politics behind its operation.

I met someone who wears a hankerchief around their neck to hide their circumcision scar.

I also had to make some hard decisions about things, which I wont discuss here, one of which involved going to Noosa.

The update

Mood: On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is crappy, and 10 is good, fucking awesome

Current Beer: Monteith's black, a prince of beers, although prince of a very small country :p

So, First there was melbourne.

Now my my intentions were to visit melbourne regularly, keep in touch with my aged but lovely grandparents and the rest of my family and friends.

The timing for the first visit was soley driven by two of my friends, they were leaving the country. I planned to come down, see them off at a huge goodbye party, which everyone else i knew would be at, making the rest of the trip fairly relaxing chatting with best friends and doing whatever the fuck seemed like a good idea at the time.

There was no going away party. They were too busy. As a result there was a very hectic 4 and a bit days of running around, trying to spend quality time with my family and seeing all of my friends. Quite a hard task. I managed most of it.

Going out with my sister.
(although I didnt drive (w00t) I was required to take the wheel from my sister, when she begged me to perform an awesome reverse park, that frankly I thought was impossible)
We saw some good old fashion australian satire of class and politics and other social issues. This would have been enough, except it was presented in rib shattering funny caberate stylings, by 3 men.
This was followed by drinking and pizzas at bimbos. If you have not eaten pizzas at bimbos you should be dropping whatever you are doing and going there.

They have a chocolate pizza... basically, a thin pizza base, butter, mascarpone, dark belgium chocolate... AWESOMENESS.. or savory... pizza base, gorgonzola cheese, proscuitto, basil leaves... pure culinary bliss!!! If you can take it.

This carried on into dancing to old classic mo-town and soul tunes. It rocked out!

Family dinner, friends, family, lots of good food and drink ... cold climate shiraz *drowns in own drool*

Masquarade ball:

Shopping for the ball was cool, got this fantastic mask. Found out i could wear my glasses with it. Went and saw a chemist. This really sweet and pretty girl in the glasses section of the chemist shop set me up with some "free trial contact lenses" and she and a friend of mine combined efforts to hold my eyes open and put the contacts in them, after it became clear I was incapable of achieving the task alone. Another friend of mine watched on with great mirth.

My eyelashes were heavily complimented as my immensely powerful eyelids heaved and and undulated and through the pretty chemist and my friend around the room as they attempted to savagely hold me down and shove glass (actually soft plastic) into my eye.

This was unsuccesful.

The culmination of this was that I went to the ball looking prettier than everyone else (at least amoungst the guys), and could not actually see anyone else clearly as a means of comparison...

I did bring my glasses with me and hold them up to gander through time and again ... (Definatly the best dressed)

So gothic style masked ball, an S & M post, funky jazz music, perplexed goths, hilarious!

Unfortunatly my glases were broken during the party
Fortunatly I was too happy and drunk to care
Unfortunatly I wasn't the next morning
Fortuatly I now have new cool glasses and my old ones are being repaired!!!!


It has been my intention to have a frequently updated blog...

this has not really been the case, sorry.

I wouldn't make an apology, but complaints have been leveled at me, mostly in the nature of "come on update your damn blog already! I'm bored", etc.

It has also come to my attention that more people read this than I thought. The reason for this is that most of the people that I know, that I have found that read this cant be arsed posting comments...

I know your there none the less.... I will be watching!!!

well, esentially, I have been too tired and busy to post more often.

I'm sticking with that excuse.

Although I will try and make the effort to tell you more often why I am too tired and busy :p

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Riding the whirlwind

I've just returned from a action packed 4 day visit to Melbourne

The visit was filling with fun, family, friends, masquarades, S & M and much booze.

Fun times, fun times... I may soon pass out

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Riding on trains

This job is causeing me to ride around on trains a lot more than I expected. One and a half days of the last week were taken up by 2 meetings! One of these meetings my boss organised a train to drive around the rail network so we and some other simialar people in a governing body of our company could ride around, chat and get to know each other better. We got to ride in the front, chat to the driver... it was all good fun.

The second meeting wasnt that long, but to get there required a 1.5hour train ride (approx) so a couple hours there... 3 hours travel time... there went most of a day.

Sometimes meetings are cool!

"Antici....pation" - The Rocky Horror Picture Show

This weekend is giving me much to look forward to, I am booked up to the gils with many engagement which show lots of promise. Add to this the extra long weekend and that next week I hightail it down to Melbourne for a brief holiday full of family and friends

The are a number of lovely ladies with whom I am fated to meet up with. However some of those occasions have come and gone without anything interesting to note on, some of these appointments have been cancelled and one of the people in question is a cousin of mine :p

At the same time I made my move up here, she moved from here to Sydney to become an investment banker. Long story short I havn't seen her in 10 years and of all my relatives she is the closest to me in age (about 2 weeks difference).

Things seem a lot more settled these days, I now seem to be generating interesting stories at a frequency of about three or four times a week, instead of a few times a day/night. Sorry I havnt been documenting them all :p

Some things have settled more than I would like. There are the affections of at least 2 girls, whos affections are so settled they may as well be non-existant. This has caused me to feel somewhat disappointed.

The weekend ahead seems most promising however...

I'll keep in touch.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

You may have noticed...

I have a new blog. This blog is for the sole purpose of publishing photos.

This is being done cause hell, its free dang nam it!

The other prime consideration is it works. Which the online photo albumns I found did not seem prone to doing.

So enjoy the piccies at the visual intrepretation of the slayer of storms, the battler of suns, the titan of the clossuss of Majipour, the slayer of omens... he whom shall not be named.... and stuff


That photo albumn thing dosnt work as well as i hoped

Ahh!!! My eyes!!!!

Incriminating photos of yours truely and associates are available here

Saturday, June 03, 2006


I have been having a lot of fun. Getting used to my newfound power in the corporate world and reaking havok upon the brisbane nightlife.

Sadly this has taken its toll. After around 1 and a half months of what feels like an elongated holiday, I just find myself tired and worn out. I choose this weekend and the next two weeks to recover slightly and start all over again in melbourne :p

This has been sigmund saying zzzzzzzzzzzz and may the Zigma be with you.