Tuesday, May 30, 2006

"If I were a rich man" - Gwen Stefani

Tomorrow, or the day after I will get paid.

If money does not make the world go round, it certainly greases the wheels.

As I have previously mentioned, I believed I was getting underpaid, due to complicated reasons to do with taxation and higher education payment schemes, after I thought this was remedied, still did it look like my pay was been given a high handed shafting.

After some research and painstaking calling of the ATO did general consensus say I was being rooted. I then did recommence battle with the Officer in charge of taxation and mightily did I pursue him, dealing him much damage with my subtle barrage of words and research, and so armed with the right questions did I find, He, I say again HE the infidel of ledgers and accounts royally root up my pay. Henceforce, no longer shall I be of a mediocre salary! Nah I say, Fie unto thee! Half decently shall I be renumerated!

Woe betide the man who stands between the Jew and his money, for "Havok!" they will cry and let loose the dogs of WAR!

The Sigmund returns

Long has Sigmund moved down the unkown paths of adventure and discovery. Alighting the sunlight plains in the North didst Sigmund ponder those who he had left behind. Word from those in the south did reach him, and words of love and affection from those closest to him, did move him.

As such didst Sigmund know that this was time to revisit the past, and see those who did beseech to see him again. As water errodes the rock so did Sigmunds will to see the world around him temperarily give way to the strictures of familial bonds and friends and make haste to arrange from travel to the far off lands.

So to will it come to pass, that on the night of the 14th of June to the evening of the 18th will Sigmund sally forth to his ancesteral haunt.


Monday, May 29, 2006

quick question

I have some rolls of developed film... yes actual celluloid film, old school i know. I did however get it developed in digital format as well.

My question is this, do you want my photos of the going away party posted, and of all the other stuff up here?

now, if you do, my question is this, a full roll of film posted would be 24meg. Would you prefer me to shrink the images down first?
and if so can anyone recommend a fast easy way to do that to lots of pictures at once?

Zig out

P.S: the Zigma loves you all :p

To my critics, I give you a shorter post

Let me think what have I been up to.

Hmm, well in due consideration to my audience a short posting

This weekend was relatively quiet. Friday night was kareoke. The first thing I planned in queensland. It worked out farily mediocerly. I was cancelled on by approximately 20 people.

Me <= not a happy chappy

the others i ended up having to wait around two hours for, including this japanese girl i'm seeing. I'm getting the feeling she might not care for me that much...

There was drinking with mates the next night. We went to the beat. A gay bar in Brisbane. My goal was to see hot lesbians kissing. I was too busy ogling hot hot hot girls gyrating on the dance floor and being hit on by guys to meet my goal :(

hehe :p

and as those of you who read the comments might have some incling of, I have recently begun to get upset with my landlord. He has come around every day since i moved in. Thats about 5-6 weeks now. Every fucking day! over the weekend I bumped into him twice and asked him what he was doing. He didnt actually have much of an answer but to tell me it was the common area and finally if i didnt like it i could leave.

I am currently pondering whether or not to stay.

Howver he has been absent from the house for the last two days!

Victory may be mine!!!

(I also piked on touch footy and have some cool new clothes and have found out the source of disconntent in melbourne - (it was a silly girl thing) and i fixed up my pay thing! they were underpaying me! I get more money! WOOT!!!! and this last pay check screw up wasnt my fault so i get immediate backpay!(only of $50 :( ) my new computer fucking rocks )

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

the last 2 weeks

And so the saga continues.
Exubernce flies from me like rays from the sun, MY COMPUTER HAS ARRIVED!!!! I do not believe I can express this with the approriate amount of enthusiasm this deserves! It is slim, fairly light, what I would refer to as gun metal grey (from the old days of putting together and painting model airplanes) and it has a pretty and wide and shiny 15.4" screen.

As yet all my various electronic bits and pieces have not arrived, they are in the mysterious location known as "in transit". So when my dossier of cds, dvds and portable hard drives arrive this baby will learn to fly astride gryphons and what not in theoretical imagined online worlds.

Now as for the goings on in Brisbane. I have now been here a month. If I was living closer to a net cafe no doubt my updates to date would have been more frequent. As things have occured I have been busy doing things, things which I will endeaver to enlighten you of.

Now in the days and weeks that have past I have agonised over a beautiful creature that I have only recently made a meaningful connection with, only to find, as luck would have it, that she lives from whence I came, Melbourne (the rainy city). In contrast Melbourne seems most apt for the setting of this particular story. Dark, dreary, foggy and cold. This only managed to occur as I left the city, and was followed shortly by a brief interlude, not dissimilar to a rollicking holiday in the sun, up in Brisbane. This resulted in me feeling much deprived and neglected in her absence. Not by her, the poor girl, she couldn't help it. No I blame Melbourne, silly contrary city, Where trouble stem from. Shame on it.

So, I was a little run down, staying at home, trying not to come down with a cough/cold/flu, missing my lovely little thing in Melbourne, when low and behold the weekend has come again. My frequent adventures into the darkness in Brisbane have began to yield results. I now have friends who can invite me to their parties. Getting there was a chore in it self, my train was cancelled and an hour was spent waiting for my connection. I got to comlpain to people slightly responsible for this on Monday, much to my amusement. Just another night of drinking and mucking around. The following morning making my way back to the city to pick up some developed photos, what should happen but a pretty girl appears, on the train in front of me. As I looked at her I noticed she was sad, and I thought "I should ask her what's wrong", Nothing, apparently, as we are walking up the escalator together I ask her if she is sure, so we start talking. We went and picked up my leaving melbourne photos, went and got coffee and took them with us to sit and chat in the botanical gardens.

In brisbane, providence shines on me, not just the sun :D

Basically what this means is that I have a pretty girl to spend some of my time with.

Considering I had a week full of appointments for the week following that, and eveyone cancelled, it was nice that she wanted to see me on the days that mysteriously ended up vacant after work.

In additional to social activities I have taken up touch footy. I dont even know enough about the game to know if I suck at it or not. I run around a lot, I get the ball, I throw it behind me and I touch people. I play on the wing. A term I have recently learnt for this is guide dog. I sit there and look after the blind spot.

Following this I had a bit of a busy weekend...

A barbeque and piss up, in fine 'stralian tradition (people can burst into shown tunes at this point if they wish.) The night was much fun. Drinking was done by all in reasonable quantities, off colour jokes ran rampant and there were exchange students from numerous countries in Europe present and one from america. (year 12 students, nothing to frown at). As strange as it was the highlight of the night was charades. I made a cracking start by guessing the first movie title before our team mate could completely hear it. This inspired may accusations of underhanded tactics. The teams were stacked heavily in my favour and most of our teams night consisted of sitting back, laughing at the efforts of the other team, and assisting them when it was too painful to watch. Much pity was given. As things turn out they returned some of the favour, breaking the night on my round. Have you ever tried to, without speaking, get people to guess the word "Evangelion" to a group of people who have never heard it before, I have. Successfully I might add! The bastards.God damn anime watching freaks! The freaks!!

*cough* *cough*

Anyway, this triumph of charades mastery and skill was followed the next day by an accidental phone call at 6am, 3 minutes before someone started making the rounds waking everyone up. Everyone who slept over after the bbq, we are talking around 15 ppl was volunteered!!!! to help out with the rotatary fun run!!! Standing around on an unusually cold brisbane morning, tired, surly and sleepy stuck on a t-intersection with no other direction other than "tell the runners where to go" which I did with abandon.

Later I was informed I was the 5k turn around point. I quite enjoyed not knowing that :p

Today 22/5/06 I intercepted a pass... with my face. I also managed to do something pretty cool (a good pass) only to be penalised by the ref for it when I shouldnt have been! My first opportunity to refer to a sports refferee as a filthy inbred excuse for a white maggot. It was a special occasion.

I have done some shopping, I now have some even sharper looking attire. Something to suit my extravegant lifestyle. I now own more snappy looking pants with subtle stripes and checks in browns and greys. I resent all implications that my taste in clothing is only suitable for the golf course or extreme age.

I have also come to find out the down side of higher education. I have previously completed a bachelor degree under the system known as HECS, more recently I started a graduate degree of teaching
(got half way through before I started this job) that was to be paid for under some different scheme. Basically what this means is that money comes out of my pay for both of them independantly!!! this is around $150 a week of my money, in addition to tax going to pay these things back, there all together goes a third of the money I earn. This as you may be aware, sucks mightily. I changes the amount I take home from being a very respectable figure to a very ordinary one.

Tomorrow the 23/5/06 I should be getting broadband installed and picking up the various bits of software and dvds I own as well as my old hard drive and some of my going away presents!!!! Tomorrow looks like a very nice day. I may be losing a lot of sleep in the near future... the world of warcraft and msn call....

I have lived without much of a bit stream for quite a while, soon the floodgates open and I flood my personality, through various specialized programs over the data channels that make up the world wide web as we have come to know it. Drop me a line.

I do miss everyone back home a lot, but I am still having a very good time over here, possibly too good. Maybe at some point the other shoe will drop. Well until then I shall make the most of it!

This saturday pass a person of whom has similar blood to mine came upon me. Henceforth we set out upon the epic journey, for lo and behold spilt from the same womb as he, did forth his brother arrive from lands to the North, known as Cairns. Following the heading from which he came, did we travel. Flowing over the many rises and falls of the land until before us, the land did grow immensly as so in our machine, did we climb its peaks. On the green folds of land, hidden in a cleft, lay the property of those that did beget my companions. In this place did we find what we sought. Shining forth from condensation did our eyes come to gaze on the goal, a vehicle of no mean prowes. Blue in colour, except where its battle with the elements have left its reddy orange marks, unblemished except where care and misuse have left its glass crack or its sheet metal panels in dissaray and chaotic lines, lay what has become known as "The Zigma". As we beheld her in all her glory did not he of my own blood exlaim "just let me grab the keys and I'll start her up!".

We were all of similar intent but forsooth, did the vehicle to henceforth become known as The Zigma mock us. Upon the mountain cleft in which she lay did she refuse to budge or make a sound. Our cries of outrage rang out through the folds of the land. Wheh henceforth did we proclaim "It must be the battery". My kin from the more northen lands did then jump into action, quickly grabbing forth the tools and equipement which he did then battle with the conditions we had found. Much exclaiming did occur and with our bodies did we proceed to argue with the vehicle. Eventually after tools of cold steel had been applied to the container of caged lightening and more arcs of energy had been ferried from one chariot to another, did the Zigma reply to our greetings and salutations with some slight coughing.

We the proceeded to cradle and rock the poor and sickly vehicle up and down the hill, when lo and behold its coughs, mysteriously turned into a deep rumbling and purring. Hence the Zigma came to be with us.

86 Manual Mitsubishi Sigma, has a couple of dents, brake lights work, rear lights dont, doors actuators if accidentally locked require stategic kicking to reopen, cracked windscreen, rear doors only open from the exterior
fuel consuption - oil consumption
character quotient -> exponential

And so it can to pass the Sigmund who did carry the dust of Stars did meet those of his blood and acquire from them, in the Northen hills of the Costal Sunshine regions the sky coloured chariot, Zigma. Under his mighty arm did swing the construnt of the most powerful magic, a slim shiny device, seeping mystical and mysterious powers, through which, did the world open up before him. So armed and equiped did Sigmund, bathed in stardust, move forth to meet the obstacles and adventures that lay in obscurity before him.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Up and coming developements

I have been almost coming down with sickness this week, so I have been taking it easy. This ahs also partly impacted on my access to internet usage. As a result I have been absent from my realm, this has been disappointing for me.

New developements have occured, to summarize:

* I seem to be doing some actual work at work
* I have ordered a very fancy and swanky laptop, from which I will be much closer to have net access at home and will update and keep you all better informed
* I seem to be getting better
* I bought a Hi-Fi, which i find to be pretty awesome
* I got paid for the first time for this job (was almost a near miss)
* My proper work computer arrived
* I may have some 'complications' down in melbourne now
* The last weekend was most awesome with many a silly and good story (and a road trip)
* This weekend should include another road trip
* Things are slowing down, cause I slowed em down this week, and I miss everyone back home a bit more
* Apparently there is drama within my family in Melbourne with one of my siblings
* I have commenced cooking and am churning out my standard of gourmet yuppyish food
* I feel slightly lost in this new corporate world
* Next week will involve me being 'proactive' in the field of 'interpersonal networking' to more accuratley understand what i need to find and 'connect with' in the overarching 'scope' of what is expected of me in the longer term
* I am generally feeling better, like the cold/flu/cough or sore throat, whatever it was didn't quite land
* I have been playing more golf, and may be pressured into buying my own clubs!!!
* I have been unable to keep up with my webcomics!!!!!
Overall things are going pretty damn well.

I will try to expand on some of these areas when I have more net time, however, I have been given the option of catching a ride to the gold coast where a party of extremely unbalanced gender ratios prevails or, well you know... typing stuff.

<= comments like the previous one may endear me to some slight trouble due to complications.

Any requests for info are well appreciated.

Any further pranks or jokes to be suggested are appreciated.

Comments about how you all miss me and want to talk to me have me come back to melbourne and tell me about stuff are of course completely out of line and are discouraged

The weather here by the way, is awesome today, probably better tomorrow and we are expecting perfect weather of sunday (Melbourne weather => HAHAHHAHAHHHAHA)