Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I love that show, I got most of the series copied for me, and after episode 1 I was hooked. Now none of the abilities the heroes have has rocked my world, I heard of em all before, and I don’t care. They have these strange funny characters and they do intriguing things. Their take of prediction and time hasn’t become clear yet, but it seems like it will be interesting. The evil superpowered guy is kinda cool and I have run out of episodes to watch.

This is actually the part that has me the most frustrated!

I am downloading the next episodes, but not that many have been released yet!

It’s driving me nuts! I want to see who lives and who dies, I want to see which good guys turn bad guys.

I want to see what ends up happening to the government agency type thing.

And I really want to see more super powers

A soap opera with superpowers that isn’t superman related!

I’m in love!

Friday, February 23, 2007

The saga of Fire and Water

To commemorate the date of my birth under the flaming sky did gather around me mine companions and set forth on a journey. Slowly didst we meet each other each winding into the tangled skein of fate each in our own allotted time.

The many bonds of the earth represented amongst us in the form of some men wearing of half pants and women scantily clad in nylon and polyester in appealing geometric shapes.

Together did we come, in chariots, breathing hot wind and thunder down on the open plains. Only recently did my chariot which gleamed the colour of night (the black neon) cough and gasp and run ragged with despair, mimicking its colour. So did I trundle thrugh the hills and wander through the ‘magic mile’ ( actually called that ) and find a car to procure. With silver and chrome plated wheels, did set off the lightning white of my new means of travel. ( I bought a commodore that works a lot better than the neon, is white and older and cheaper and has a lot less kms)

Through the human infested concrete jungle did we pass into the more deserted lands to the southern coast, where on the horizon didst we see complex circular patterns disrupting the horizon. As we drew closer we were transfixed, it seemed… unavoidable!

Together didst the six of us prepare to assault the looming esoteric encampment that rose steeply into the sky. As we passed through the entrance way did we all declare “Wet ‘n’ Wild, we shall defeat you!”

As we bravely ventured forth trudged up many a pathway always up, into the sky, didst we encounter heavy opposition. Demons masquerading as little boys and girls pushing and shoving us. Sirens bedecked in almost nothing beckoning us. If not for our trusty female traveling companions (girlfriends) we would have been drawn astray, into the arms of doom, no doubt. Harpys and Gargoyles guarded these passenges, that seemed inevitably to contain at the end of each arduous trek, a trap, based on the element of change and mutability.

Endlessly it did seem we were caught in these contraptions, over and over again. We were sent spiraling down wet tubes and tornadoes and luckily landing safely in sparkling lagoons.

Every inch of the place we didst investigate, no evil did we find there. The traps were merely endless, and surrounded by beautiful traveling companions (girlfriends again) we came to enjoy the challenge (they had a six people raft you could take, we tried our best to rock it off the slide, almost succeeded)

Eventually we didst declare Wet’n’Wild defeated. No longer did it hold any secrets from us!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

From the half century

Thank you to all of you for lovely birthday wishes.

for all of you who havnt yet passed them along.... *shame, shame, shame*

Its been a nice birthday, the out look from here is good, i want to see what it looks like from a half century, when i can run all over the pitch and wave my bat around to the adulation of the crowd!


later kids

and thanks

Monday, February 12, 2007

Money :(

Brisbane remains hot consistantly so, as my visiting sister has found out. I believe the constant heat may be whats responsible for her being a little cranky at the moment.

My grandmother is still dead, but after talking with my sister about it who saw her last year its easier to come to terms with. Mum is out of the country with her family hopefully doing well.

My car, the new shiny black one, is a shiny black lemon. Me and sis looked at cars today and found one that I will probably settle on, a not as shiny old white commodore, '92 with 130,000 on the clock at 4k thats in good nick.

Hopefully this will last me a while.

With moving into the new house the spending spree at ikea and an upcoming trip to japan money seems to be a difficult commodity to manage... at least for me :p

Thursday, February 08, 2007

My grandma died


Monday, February 05, 2007


I just found out one of grandmothers is dying. Mum is going overseas to see her before she dies. I’m not going to. She hasn’t been well for a long time, she is quite old, she can’t remember anyone these days, can’t speak a language I can understand, except grandmother, which every grandchild is fluent in, but I’m not sure how much of that she remembers.

It’s quite unexpected. Well, she hasn’t been well for a long time… but she has been pretty similar for a long time. So it’s not entirely unexpected. It is however disturbing and upsetting.

I'm not sure what to say, I'm not sure what I can say. I don't even know what to hope for in this case. I'm not even sure how I feel, except a large portion of sad.

This comes on the heels of feeling pretty happy about what seems like a nice beginning.

Bittersweet, happy with sad, ...

I'll miss her, and she isnt gone yet.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Show me the way to my abode

I’m settling into a new place, a much nicer place, with only me and my girl. We moved in together. In a world seemingly full of people we didn’t want to live with, we were intrinsically drawn to each as people we each love and want to spend time with… A vast contrast to some of the people we have cohabitated with so far.

We have been doing the rounds. In the past week I have ogled more kitchen utensils, outdoor settings, dining room tables and chairs, tvs, dvd players, couches, sofa beds the attractive females who cannot cover up due to extremely severe prevailing heat. Proving this heat does have its fringe benefits.

Most of the decisions have been made and many purchases finalized, which weren’t as expensive as I had a right to expect in this throw away consumable society we live in… sometimes consumerism and capitalism work well for you :p

One such decision was organizing the continuation of my internet service. Its nice to be able to say to you all again.

Come visit my new place, up here in the north… Don’t forget to wish me well on my birthday, as my sister is currently on her way up here to do.