Friday, December 08, 2006

PS2 Envy

I am at a quandary, I walked into EB games today, low and behold, before me I did see a play station 2 for I believe it was around $150, new. That’s pretty cheap for a good games console, which now has cheap second hand games available for it, as well as able to be chipped and games ‘acquired.’ I haven’t had a games console for a long time, and that seems a pretty reasonable price for one…

I also don’t play games on my pc that much either… I haven’t really had a chance to play the games I’ve got already… however… CHEAP. I mean it would be pretty cool, it would be handy, fun and I might play games a little more, as well as have a dvd player of my own, for when I actually have to get all my own furniture and stuff…

I cant decide.

Help me!

Monday, December 04, 2006


I'm too shagged to write or think too much at the moment, so lets try something different.

In approximately 2 weeks I'm going to be in Melbourne (W00t!!!)

I have some stuff to go to, weddings, New Year's parties... that kinda stuff.

In addition my girlfriend is coming with me, who has seen none of Melbourne and Victoria, very little of Australia in general except for some of Queensland. How about this, can you all suggest places to go and see and do in Melbourne/Victoria. Anyone who suggests hitting the 21st century nightclub in Frankstone with the revolving dance floor will recieve a backhand and the suggestion will be taken under advisement :p

so get crackin suggest away!!!!

Some suggestions I have recieved so far are: Great ocean road, grampions, botanical gardens, st kilda beach and your mumma!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Free movie!!

I managed to get two free tickets to “To catch a fire.” I just saw it with my girlfriend on a Friday night. It’s a good movie. I have some issues with it. It is an interesting story depicting two men struggling with apartheid from either side of it. The movie raises a number of issues and depicts a lot of concerns that confront a people suffering from oppression, lack of rights and resources.

It was not a light film.

I have read many a story detailing the horrors and unpleasantness of various wars and oppressive reins. There are many films I have seen that deal with those issues. I have spoken with people who have lived through them, some of them being members of my own family with the memory of those events tattooed onto their arm.

I have an issue with the film.

That issue was the repetition of those points. To me bringing them up, for me, is to dwell on them. I no longer wish to have those points brought to my immediate attention unless they are coupled with a suggestion of what can be done about it, a course of action.

That was not the intention of the film, nor do I think it should have been.

On a Friday night after what feels like an awfully long week of work, recently returned from a brief holiday, regardless of how interesting the story was, this movie was too heavy and disturbing to be palatable for me.

However, for those of you who don’t share the same opinion about the way these things should be thought of, see the film, it captured attention, told an interesting story and had good acting.

It was also a free movie!!!