Sunday, September 30, 2007

Tedium and Celebration

Mostly i can't think about much else other than seeing my girl again. This has the effect of regardless of what is going on it seems like there is very little going on.

My car has recently been giving me some trouble, battery related. It's my own fault for leaving the lights on.

Geeking out has been on the menu (a game called in nomimine) as has looking for minor cosmetic improvements to my car, in the nature of better seats and a new steering wheel.

New front tyres are also on the menu and there is a long weekend coming up.

I unfortunately also miss being around for my dad's birthday :(

Happy Birthday Dad!

Friday, September 28, 2007


I may have become slightly addicted to facebook, if you are there...


counting down till i see my baby again

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Reporting from the Scene

At the moment it feels like there is nothing special to report.

Religious endeavours were pursued successfully, a relaxing if slightly starved weekend was had. The last week has been pretty full on with a fair amount of stuff affecting friends of mine and requiring a lot of my attention.

My boss at work announced his resignation and a company sponsered fashion event was attended.

The weekend prior to this one had numerous events contained within it as well. Many parties thrown by my flatmates, for an expectant mother, and a soon to be departing friend, driving about with another Mr2 and getting to drive a turbo charged version of my car.

All in all it was a pretty busy weekend, with much booze, rugby, food, relatives like you wouldn't believe, awesome cars and amoungst it all, during the revelry a car was towed and because of the revelry someone was given an eviction notice.

Just so you don't jump the gun. The car towed was not mine, and no i don't have to leave the place where i'm living, that wasn't me either. Everything did get smoothed over in the end, however on the actual night in question it was all a pretty big deal.


and thanks to everyone who dropped me a line over the last 2 weeks!

And shame on all of you for not letting me know what you thought of the emo norseman. (except jen)

There is now a count-down for when my girl moves over to join me here! Which is awesome!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Car pics now available

I think pictures say this best.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The emo norseman

In the depths of the darkness didst the Hero look upon his own gaze, meeting the stark eyes starring out of the stark gaze. He didth ponder the reflection before him. His sinews flexing with each breath didst his despair know no bounds, for he was inconsolable. He didst stand at the peak of the mountain that straddled the world, for naught was there left to conquer. The gods of old, who’s passing the mighty warrior had striven to accomplish had left him bereft of passion. For he who had grown from only a babe, with stories a plenty of injustice and immorality inciting the very foundation of all he based himself upon, and drove himself to learn and grow and fight until he hadst ridden all such things from the land; Gods, demons, villains, monsters. They had all fallen to his mighty conquests. Although his name and verse were now so solidly intertwined, he hath no joy from his name being passed as the breath of the wind throughout the world. This was not what hath driven his mighty stature throughout the years of lore. It was the challenge, the struggle, the act of defiance in the face of terror and that which was wrong. It was the indeterminate will to continue that had brough him here!

For he had set himself task. Whenst he had found that, as a young man the wrongs which he hath seen, perpetuated against the innocent in his home town, eradicated, by sinew, strength and cunning, didst set himself a second, the goal the same, but now the place he didst consider his home did expand. Did his influence upon the world grow, Uutil now, the area that was his home had straddled the world. Beneath his feet didst the world tremble and tumult as did his mind. For as much as he didst love the accomplishment and that which he had achieved didst he wish for more. Alas there was no more. Evil had been ended. The remaining challenges he couldst find in this world were swim the longest river, traverse the greatest desert, find the fruit the gods did plant of infinity and wisdom. All these he had done. The last stood beneath his feet, he hath climber the world mountain. The birthplace and rudder of the world, which didst sit in its shadow. Unstatisfying was the sensation that no truly great challenges and tasks were left. A hero, without which to continue to be a hero.

Gazing in the wall of ice, he saw his eyes, cunning and fierceness had been replaced with drawn and introspection. He reached forth his mighty digits breaking before him, icicles like those he had driven into the massive eyes of the hydra as he unblocked the river of ages righting the balance of the underworld, and with a slight twist didst he break it from its root. Grasping the now free dagger of ice, didst he catch his gaze again. This gaze he did keep as the freezing sharpness of the ice was drawn over the taut muscles covering the inside of his wrist with agonizing slowness and intense pressure.

Crimson staining the summit astride the world, did the savage intensity of the Hero, who had set so many legends of justice and triumph in his wake stare into the glassy gaze until the last drop of life, left those eyes.

Emo norse poetry? What do you all recon. I think it wasn’t norsey enough?

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Starting afresh is lonely

This isn’t a happy post.

This is about the down side of my recent move.

One thing that I treasure about what I have done, picking up and moving and starting afresh in a new place is the insights it gives me into my life and the various different elements in it.

Now I generally feel pretty distant from myself. I feel things and they seem far away. It tends to be pretty hard for me to decipher feelings I have. Finding reasons for feelings or deducing how to feel or objectively looking at a situation has always been easy, just understanding what it is I am feeling is hard.

This is apparently typical of my star sign, the elements my birth chart aligns with, the things indicative of the year I was born in, a lot of different things agree with that. It’s all fairly irrelevant. It’s just how I am.

Normally I have an internet connection or phone calls aren’t expensive, so I can pretty much keep in contact with everyone. At the moment, I can’t practically do that. So where I normally feel in touch with everyone, now, I don’t. I really do feel isolated, which I’m sure is exacerbating things.

The point being, I feel pretty down and lonely. I am here in my room, which although furnished with my own stuff, feels a bit stark and sterile (even though the pile of dirty laundry in the corner probably is starting to get pretty far from sterile). I’ve been watching season 5 of scrubs (awesome I might add) in bed on my laptop (also awesome) and it highlights some of the things I really miss. Those things are people. If you’re someone who reads this, your probably one of the people I am talking about. (I may be sorely misrepresenting my audience, if you read this and I haven’t heard from you before, drop me an email or comment, or if you read this and haven’t yet emailed or commented ever… you know what you should be doing right about now)

Now scrubs I guess is where it starts. I love scrubs, I don’t know why. I just do. I like it so much it’s almost an addiction. Now I used to watch scrubs with people, sometimes without. But there was always someone to talk about it with, or make fun of the fact that I was awake all night watching a season or agree with me that it was worth it.

So, eventually getting to the point, I might feel crap, but I feel it strongly enough to know what it is, and it took scrubs to work out the reason for it, which is ‘damn I miss you guys’. Knowing that I miss you all is kind of awesome. You are all people that are awesome to have in my life. Missing that awesomeness is a crappy kind of awesome, but it’s still awesome.

Now I know, slowly I’ll meet more awesome people here and I’ll get more settled and an awesome person I met not that long ago will come over here and things will be more awesome. Until then, you guys rock.

For a downside, its pretty good.

Emo Stardust Signing off.

P.S: I always thought in some ways this wasn’t a proper blog, there were no totally depressed emo posts… to be fair there was one, but it was more in the nature of a joke. Now this blog is complete!

P.P.S: Can you imagine an emo post in norse prose? Can ya? Can ya!? That is sooooo in the cards!

P.P.P.S: Currently I am in Brisbane, with Kana, and quite happy, interenet has been sorted out back in Auckland and everything is going quite well.

If I had access to the internet earlier this week, this post would have been rocking your world earlier. As it is, it is up now. Much like a birthday card that comes a few days late handed to you by a friend with a vaguely guilty and lopsided smile as they say 'sorry'. The card probably have 'belated' written on it somewhere in large cursive gold type. This post also contrast a little with how I'm feeling at the moment, which is very happy.

I just have to say, its been awesome to see Kana again, and catch up with friends in a relaxed way, where I can merely enjoy their company and not worry about a myriad of things that are going on.

P.P.P.P.S: There is a emo norse post waiting to be posted :p

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Internet is forthcoming...

I am as yet without reliable internet, all the internet acess I use is not my own and as a result, unreliable for my purposes.

Fortunately I should be hooked up by the end of next week. I will endeavour to have pictures ready to post by then.

I was also witness to the World Rally Car Racing this weekend, it has inspired even more ambition to drive my MR2 faster than is advisable. I have some photos, I will sift through them and post some of the better ones.

I have also booked 2 tickets. Airplane tickets.

Next weekend shall see me once again in Brisbane, although for a short stint. Drop me an email or 2 if you want to organise anything. I will be leaning towards the organisation of some big get together where i can see everyone... otherwise I just wont have time to catch up with all of you or spend time with my girl who I am missing!