Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mountain Pearls

Never trust a Kiwi in search of Mountain Pearls, ask not why or what, merely accept the advice, avoid the situation and move on!

I have found a residence, I have furnished my room. I am more settled. I need to organise a decent internet connection, some phones and some car paperwork, but mostly I'm sorted and all this after being in a foreign country for 2 weeks.

I am reasonably impressed with myself :p

I am also completely shagged.

Its been 2 weeks of full time work with a complement of full time sorting my shit out! I look forward to a quiet weekend next week, although I am planning a quick trip to Brisbane soon, exactly when I am not sure.

Next weekend currently promises to have some close up viewing of some rally driving! I might also have some time to sort out the many photo requests I have had for my new car :p and may even take it for a spin in some mountains.... definately NOT looking for pearls...


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Blazing from the heavens

As didst Siegmundt partake of his momentus journey, he crossed the oceans of the Asiatic, he conquered the land of sun and white sand. He didst ford the oceans to the east and didst eventuate in a new land.

This land people were not unlike those in previous lands he had strode upon. They were slightly odd of speech, making thy verse with the shortening of certain syllables of which he had been unaccustomed. They assured him that the speech that they did utter was “choice”. And low, he did believe them.

Still unsettled and fresh from recent adventures, didst we find our proud hero still without roots. Swaying to and fro in the breezes that did harrow this new land.,‘Be calm’ he didst decry unto himself, for he was uncertain, new in this land without proper bearings. His love and most of his belongings didst stay out of sight, across an ocean, for where he did pine his comforts, what he held dear, and his love.

Even his chariot, had been left to wayward folk, the hills bathed in the Sunshine and sand of the North, leaving him as naked amidst the howling winds and sleeting rain of the new land.

With no where else to turn, did he look both high and low, near and far for a sign of those who ruled the land. When he had though all had been lost, didst from the corner of his eye, scream forth from the skies, a fiery comet. This comet didst sally forth from whence it came and laid itself sleek and fast at his side. So didst those from the new land provide this hero with his new chariot. Every inch of his new metal steed did gleam red, and shine forth reflections of all that lay around it. The chariot did vibrate with sheer ecstasy and joy of speed.

This was how in the record of the deeds of this hero coming to number, as some of our forefathers did note it ‘C’ the chariot ‘Blaze’ came into the possession of Sigmund of the dust from Stars, and so shall continue his story.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Down under in Kiwi land

Hello All,

I've successfully arrived in Auckland and started work. Been checking listings for cars, and share houses.

It seems like it will be reasonably full on, the work is more interesting, complicated and structured.

They have a full on cafe style coffee machine at the office!!!!

any barrista style tips or advice would be useful :p

The people I work with seem pretty nice, and its a

In other big news, I've bought a car, a nice little 1994 MR2, and house hunting has started to yield some rewards!!!

The people at work are a lot younger, around my average age as compared to my previous job.

It has rained intermitantly since I arrived, hehe, reminds me of Melbourne in ways Brisbane never did :p

I expect to start being settled in and hooning around the country side within a few weeks.

I'll be making a trip to Brisbane soon (probably) and a trip to Queenstown (maybe) which is in the south isle with the next few weeks as well. The plans havnt been made yet, so offer suggestions of good times, or mention if travel plans collide. Queenstown seems fairly expensive, in the way of around 700NZ dollars, so unless I can find some way of making that more affordable, I may not be able to go :(

Otherwise, things are going pretty well, the weather is colder than I'm used to, but its not as bad as I thought it would be.

How are you all going people!