Thursday, November 30, 2006

A trip by the seaside

This title feels like it should be heading and Enid Blyton novel.

A long story short is that 2 friends came and visited me from Melbourne. Them, my girlfriend and I spent about half a week showing them around Brisbane, the beautiful places and all the good restaurants that I know of so far.

They were blown away by the fake beach, which is awesome, the hot weather and the atmosphere. After a few days of getting to know Brisbane we headed out north, to Maleny. A laid back, mountain, country town, with a fairly rich population focusing on organic produce and a hippesque lifestyle. Awesome food was had. A lovely place owned by my relatives (also lovely) was stayed at. Keys were locked into my car and fun was had.

2 nights were spent in noosa, awesome seafood was had. Much mucking around in the pool, spa and beach. 3 people were taught how to body board by myself and many a wave was caught, in some cases for the first time.

A fun time was had, a joyful reunion now over, sweet, and yet bittersweet. Now the rest of life intrudes.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

The different faces of the North

Earlier this week I happened to pay attention to the weather forecast as I left for work in the morning. Normally the words from the radio announcers slightly amuse me and flow around me without leaving a mark, especially anything weather related. I generally feel, as someone originally from Melbourne, the weather will happen and generally whatever I have on that day will be good enough to deal with most variations.

So I normally don’t pay attention. On this day, Brisbane, a top of 30 degrees and showers and Melbourne, a top of14 degrees and rain.

This I do have to say tickled my fancy, Melbourne damn cold in November and Brisbane, every with an ‘unseasonal’ storm still ridiculously warm and nice. As it turns out Melbourne was a fine and dandy top of 7 degrees… CELCIOUS! And it snowed in few places in Victoria from what I heard. At the same time, it did get ridiculously hot that day in Brisbane, at least 30, however, the storm that came through was black on the up to the minute satellite overview and washed over where I worked.

My co-workers told me it was coming an hour or so in advance, there were all looking at the satellite readout. They then told me I should move my car to a place out of the weather, in case it hailed. An hour before the storm, all those spots were already taken… and more than a few people were trying to do similar things.

As the storm came through gusting winds were whistling through buildings and heavy rain was pounding on roofs. Then the sounds of the beat changed, hail was coming down. Weather veins were being blown this way and that. Heavy iron girders that held up thousands of volt wires were swaying and buckling in the gale. I was told to worry when the staccato beat on the roof got quiet, then the hail would be large and my car would be in significant danger of mutilation by the elements. Palm trees outside were being blow around, hail the size of dice were coming in at 45 degree angles. The storm blew through us in about one and a half hours, about 5 minutes after the storm, the sun came out and the temperature must have jumped up about 10 degrees.

Later I found out that the storm was a hairs breath away from turning into a tornado.

These kind of storms are common around this time of year, it’s where they get most of their rain from.


Still, better than 7 degrees in Melbourne :p

Monday, November 13, 2006

Mountain Air

And so didst Sigmund and the lily of the orient (better suggested phrases to refer to my girlfriend in this manner are requested) didst travel along the rolling planes, south west of the City. Many a cheap banana was spied and prized from the hands of those who kept them with gold coloured coin. Jams and fruits of amazing quality were plentiful and purchased. A garage sale of mamoth proportions was set upon and great prizes wrung from the hands of said garage in titan battles of frugalness (a $10 gas bbq a $2 wicker picnic set, a $2 camping chair)

The views on the curling trail up to the mountian was stunning. It was enjoyed while prawns were feasted upon ($12 a kilo) and a motel with a spa was booked for the night. Decent tai food was found, sunsets were looked at from lookout points. Much relaxing was done and a very nice time was had. Lovely breakfasts found.

Awesome cheeses and sausages and not bad wine was found on the return journey and old acquaintances were renewed in brisbane, as one of my friends, recently relocating to NZ dropped in for a nice lunch.

A very full and very fun and relaxing weekend was had.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Well look whats blowing in

This month someone from New Zealand is dropping by for a visit, as well as someone from Melbourne.

Both of them good friends of mine.

I also actually seem to be saving some money these days... Yeay for me

I like the school of kung fu i'm attending,

I apologised and seemed to have worked stuff out with the RP guys (geeks)

The stuff at work has been smoothed out,

it's looking to be a good month

After party

Well, its after the party now, teasing japanese girls who look younger than me but are all older than me is definately fun...

not entirely sure what i'm going to do for the weekend... as its forecasted to piss down everywhere in south east queensland

ahhh well

the weekend exists in potentia... and by the sounds of it potentia means a shopping mall

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Well, I been working, sorting out work stuff, which is where I spend much time. Revolutionising the Qld Rail Industry with new progressive scientific, mathematical and statistical ideas...

Doing martial arts, playing tennis (for the first time in years), driving my new car. I mean I said I was gonna do some stuff, and I been doing it...

Not much time left over for much else actually...

Ah well.

Tomorrow - A party (I missed having a halloween party... didnt get around to it)

A Brazilian themed party at a cocktail bar in a swanky part of brisbane, I will be attending with many a very cute japanese girl, one of which will be my girlfriend (Not drawn at random)

Oh, No, it's like i'm all alone up here, nothing to do, no familiar faces, no friends or family... these cute japanese and sexy brazilian girls will have to console me ;)