Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I see electronic people!

Yes, it's true, I see electronic people. They are everywhere! or they should be. I can really only see electronic people in certain places, here.

Gone are the days when the trendiest thing you could do was put a hit counter on your site, and then hack it so all your mates thought you had a million hits in about 3 hours, no. I have attached google analytics to the site... why you might ask, partly because I'm curious to see what it does, and to see how many people do come to the site... how many people are actually listen to me ramble on!

I mean obviously if its hundreds of people trolling out there in cyberspace, thats awesome, I'll follow the prompts from google-analytics, and make sure my pages reflect my ad-blocks and try to make people actively stay on the site so they can participate in e-commerce which it can also pick up...

Or, in contrast there is no one here. I can use this online space as my own private journal, safe in the knowledge that no one will read it. The will be no chance of @$@$#@#$@$#Pty Ltd finding out I post here, vent a spleen about who and whatever and fire me.

Such things aren't actually a worry to be but i thought i might do the bloggy thing of mentioning something i read in another blog, me being lazy and forgetful, i cant remember which blog, and i'm not going to search for it and link to it... it was at penny-arcade the other day when they mentioned it, my brain slowly kicked into gear.

But yes, now the curse is upon me! I see electronic people, and in this electronic world, where I hold my electronic party, I see how many guests arrive, broken down in quaint marketing terms, hour by hour, day by day.

I know how popular I am in ways facebook can never understand.

Such is my curse.

Such is my shame.

Monday, October 08, 2007

on projects and parties

This car that i have, it's good, minor little tweaks and adjustments to it have been made, and already many more have been planned. This weekend just past did see me attempting to make a few minor changes to the vehicle. Now, the car doesn't actually these things done to it and thats not the point. These are things that I hopefully do cheaply, but mostly they are about achievement, understanding and enjoyment.

It's a fantastic excuse to fidle with various bits and pieces and find out how they work and interact, the sense of satisfaction in finishing something successfully and making something that is yours that little bit better. These should not stop you from enjoying the various little tweaks and adjustments.

One of the key elements I have found is to find a balance, some adjustments and tweaks are fun, but to realise how far you want to go and to achieve happiness with something less than the best ever. Maybe just the best for you :p

It is of achievement and accomplishment that I come to now, never is it more satisfying to stop drop and party than after spending much time and effort on something. The taste of revellry is always sweeter in contrast to salty sweat of effort.

Soon A major accomplishment will be nearing completion. The moving from one country to another, its been a stress and a trial at many different times, and for many different people. It feels like a major accomplishment, not exactly a necessary one, but important and enjoyable in a similar kind of way to a self directed project.

The upcomming event of importance, obviously, as needs requires is - a party. a celebration. With the sense of achievement and accomplishment and shadows and clouds. For as much as I do, as far as I roam, there is more that I leave behind.

To say good bye what can we do better than to celebrate the time we have had together and drink to good times yet to come!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Moving and shaking

I've been a tad preoccupied with other related things, like missing my girl, but it has come to my attention that this friday I will be back in Brisbane. Mostly likely it will be quite a few months before I return to Brisbane, so all those whom I have come to know and care for, let us make this an occasion to remember.

Let there be drinking and merriment and revelry!