Saturday, September 30, 2006


And so didst the mighty Sigmund roll onto the balls of his feet and consider the events that hath past. Many were the leagues that he hath traveled, many were the skills he hath gained. He had won the favor of the most buxom of foreign and exotic beauties. His victories and battles were too numerous to list.

The wrangling of the chariot of cobalt lightning, which hath been the veteran of many a meteor shower.

He hath infiltrated the mighty empire of giant steel carriages.

The lands and constructions hath lain before him and given him breadth to make a new home.

His generosity knew no bounds as he gaveth away the cobalt chariot.

The gods looked upon him favorably and seers showered him with the knowledge that a greater chariot was to be bequeathed unto him. Sleek and black and fast.

As he look upon the vista that were his accomplishments his unobstructed view led him to wonder what might be next in store.

Visions assailed him and the belief that his brother in arms would come and greet him in this distant land was concrete in his mind. The foreknowledge that many of his brethren would follow flooded his mind.

As Sigmund took to the new land, the new land took to him. Although he felt that an exodus of people would flood the landscape of the town, he made plans to reacquaint himself with the lands where he grew and to reward himself with a journey to the lands even further North over the sea, where his lady hailed from.

In more normal English, the new place I’m at is pretty cool, the people I live with are significantly younger than me, which is a nice change from the opposite.

I have probably spent to much money on housey type stuff, and we purchased a new fridge, one that fits inside the house. This leaves a massive rusty, yet functional beer fridge outside!

Next weekend has a party organized to warm the new place.

Everything is going well, as mentioned above (vaguely) some of my best friends are coming to visit next month.

I have also met some of the Jewish community in Brisbane, where it is massive and insular in Melbourne, bursting at the seams, so big that its trying to isolate itself from the rest of Melbourne, in Brisbane it is relaxed and less bustling and squashed, especially on high holidays.

I am not looking forward to the next high-holiday, mostly because it means that I wont get to eat or drink for an extended period of time (25 hours) which never bodes well for me.

If anyone taunts me on Monday I will kill them, IMMEDIATELY or the next time I see them.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

The recommencement

I have settled into my new place, bought all new, schick furniture, get along with the people i live with, have a minimum of squalor and have gotten broadband setup here finally.

The difficulties in scheduling and delivery of the modem need to have been experienced to be believed. It was an awesome achievement that took 2 weeks.

A wireless broadband router was then purchased, allowing me to make this post, with broadband speeds, without benefit of cables, naked, from my brandspanking new bed!

My bed just so you know, is a modern styled, quasi japanese dark wood frame, with a fancy mattress, the top layer of which is known as "plush". It is awesome, and i all new matching bedside table and chest of drawers.

Things are most cool

more posts will now follow more regularly... i have run out of reasonable excuses not to be able to post.

Just so you know, lack of internet IS a valid excuse!

Also i really hate those random or possibly computer generated messages that say "Generic Compliment" & "Link to some gay sight which wants to extort money from you or data mine your computer for some stupid bit of info"

If anyone has the knowhow to root up those sights that put those kinda comments and links in my blog, send me a friendly email (as opposed to one which makes my lovely computer die) or leave a message as to what nefarious options are available!