Saturday, August 09, 2008

The silver lining

I was expecting that New Zealand would be wetter than north east Australia, I was not expecting this.

The amount of downpour here is phenominal! Barely a day, let alone a week has gone by without multiple downpours of some description. Dreary, wet, soggy and occasionally bleak are all apt descriptions of the climate, colour and feel of this place, especially this winter.

The contrast is astounding, especially considering the last place I was living in had undergone 5 years of drought and the time I spent there I could have counted the amount of downpours on my hand. The days that were overcast on two hands...

Looking up at all of these grey clouds spitting down at me, a sliver of light shone through and damn near bowled me over.

The thing about this sliver of light was the amount of colour in it. A rainbow did stand before me.

The amount of rainbows I have seen in this country is staggering. Often on my way to work after/during a light downpour there will be multiple rainbows, I believe one morning I saw 5 different rainbows.

No wonder there are so many Astin Martins around this place, people keep on stumbling over pots of gold.