Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Best of Intentions!

My intentions were to blog all the bits and pieces of my trip in partially chronological order after the event… as in now, or the last few weeks. In addition to post pictures to go with each post on the Image blog…

As you may have noticed, that has not occurred – YET

I expect it too fairly soon as I have a brief holiday!

No longer will I be ensuring the continued running of the trains in Brisbane, but instead making sure all the flights in New Zealand are manned!

Between the 2 jobs I have some down time. Lots and lots of free time in which I have nothing to do…


  • sell a car
  • help kana buy a non-dodgy computer
  • pack
  • wrap up all lose ends
  • send over what cant be packed
  • and plan out things for kana to join me in kiwi land

Well, maybe not so much down time and maybe not so little to do.

None the less, I will make an effort to fit in between in all retrospective blogs and photos

Slowly my account of the selling out, a suit in a tropical city is relocating. From white glistening beaches and babes in bikinis (which I am slightly restricted from ogling at) and dry tropical flora to a lush wet cooler climate with interesting landscape of volcanic proportions.

I will report on that as soon as the opportunity presents itself!