Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Work Stuff

My bosses boss has been asked to step aside and work on a project. In his place a man with a very negative reputation has been put forth and has many large personal problems with a lot of the staff in the area who have been there longer.

I haven’t really met the man yet, things should be quite interesting.

This comes at the same time of year as my areas busiest.

Currently we are undertaking 90 something casual staff…

That’s right! Mass murder! MUHAHAHHAHA

Yeah, um, a survey of people on trains anyway. Basically it means for the next 4 weeks I have totally sucky hours!

2 weeks starting very close to midnight

And then 2 weeks of fininshing very late, almost always with long shifts.

Monday will be approximately 11 hours long.

The overtime should be good.

P.S: This was written out a couple o weeks ago. That project is now underway, its time consuming but interesting, an obscure kind of fun. I have come to slightly know the person in question, he is a wanker and from what I can see so far his reputation is justified. The guy who was running the project before just had a baby (Congrats!) so now me and the other guy are running the show.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

The tour of my abode

I thought you all deserved a closer look at my place,

from the outside it looks a lot like this


and it was nice and cool and empty, with floorbaoards throughout!

and then we bought...

4 of these

and 1 of these

and a few other odds and ends and our place looks a lot like this....

and then i had a party and it looked a lot like...

and then i bought a car which looked quite similar to....

if i start uploading photos again someone may need to shoot me

damn if digital camera's ain't fun :p

PS. the master bedroom isnt shown as yet.... those photos are private :p


G'day everyone

First week of the Passenger load survey has passed. Things are a bit unsettled. The work is interesting and out of the office, but the shifts are around 11 hours long and starting not that long after midnight 3 nights a week.

This coming week should follow suit with slightly nicer hours.

While this has been occuring my bosses boss has been 'outed' from his office and someone else with an unpleasant reputation is in his place.

Things are shaping up to be... interesting.

This weekend I thought some downtime was in order and went out with some guys to the goldcoast for bodyboarding (i have a body board now) and swimming and ogling.

Needless to say that i came back with a body board and a massive sunburn

Sunburn is me. Probably more of me is burnt than not, its all one big ouch.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Eragon – Revisited

I read the book, I wandered into borders, with a decent wait expected for my girl, settled into one of their comfy arm chairs, flipped Eragon open, and started skimming through the pages.

I was hooked. Gone was the excessive single dimensionality, the excessive magnification of each event. The story was complete and detailed and painted a picture of words that well described events and characters in a captivating way.

Just a quick word though. This book is archetypical fantasy. Do not be expecting quirks of story or character to blow your mind. It’s a story that presents pretty standard fare with workmanship and quality. It’s worthy to note that it doesn’t feel like it’s the first novel offering from a young author, quite the opposite. (Especially since it is a first work by a new and young author)

I suppose the book is also pitched at young adult fiction, so I guess it might be semi reasonable to let the book get away with its few basic premises which are a tad overused, but nevertheless main stays of fantasy, a farm boy becoming a hero with the main consuming flaws of being impulsive, stupid and honor bound. Elves who are oh so wise and powerful, but can’t do anything useful. All powerful all knowing evil, who are at some risk from said farm boy. Well look the list goes on, but doesn’t address what I feel is the main issue.

It’s an engrossing read. For a few days I was essentially incommunicado as I read Eragon between work and sleep, with sleep suffering, and then continuing on the Eldest the next installment. They are nice reads, the final book is on my too read list now, and although I expect more standard fantasy fodder, I will also be expecting it to be engrossing and engaging and well written, like the preceding books.